The courage equation to 10x your career success

February 22

I wanted to share some of my thinking around how you can 10x more opportunities in your day. And yes, I am being deadly serious.

And no, not by changing who you are, being inauthentic or following some ‘growth hack’ you might see on Instagram. In fact, I am convinced that the principle I am going share in this email, you already experience, but do not apply systematically.  

The story comes from a meeting last week with an accountancy firm exploring support around team development for managers. I was telling my personal story about how I got into Olympic sport and the approach I use to help people be their best.

I noticed in that moment how I had suddenly fallen into the trap which held me back for many years.

The trap stifled my potential and wasted many opportunities, time and to be frank, earning potential.

I said: “When I left University I was really lucky to meet my mentor and was lucky to then get a job in elite sport“.

For the imposters out there, like me, you will be familiar with such statements. The story that you have always been lucky in your life, downplaying success and putting it down to being in the right place at the right time.

And yes, we can be honest, some moments are serendipitous. Happy accidents that lead to great opportunities.

Look back at some of the opportunities and successes that emerged in your life. Were they down to luck? Or were they down to an action you took that led to ‘luck’? Can we have more happy accidents?

  • The time you reached out to someone on email which created a lead.
  • The time you signed up for a group course, worried what people might think about you, but it changed your life and met incredible people.
  • The time you said yes to a client meeting, even when you did not want to, and that person became your future business partner.
  • The time you went on that date, feeling you would never find love, to then find love.

Why did they occur? Was it luck or something you created?

It was 100% created. You took an action that led to an outcome.

I guess this is where you have a choice. The difference between waiting for luck or creating luck.

But waiting for luck might have a bigger consequence than you might think. This faulty thinking impacts the actions you take. In fact, it leads to the action of inaction. It leads to avoidance.

  • You avoid seeking opportunities.
  • You avoid putting yourself out there.
  • You avoid building your network or introducing yourself.

This is not your fault. The ‘luck’ story does not define you as a person.

You can change your story. But how do you do that?

It starts by noticing the faulty story that plays out on autopilot in your life. Without awareness, we cannot change.

This is what I said in the client conversation from above:

Did you notice what I just said? My imposter voice on autopilot said it was down to luck. But I’d like to point out an important point which is at the heart of my approach. I am not defined by my inner voice. Our inner voice happens outside of our control. This opportunity was not down to luck, the truth is I created this opportunity through the actions I made “.

When you realise your opportunities in life have been created through the actions you made (knowingly or unknowingly at the time), you have the power to create as many opportunities as you like.

It is empowering to know that opportunity and success lies in your hands. Because the greatest antidote to your imposter’s voice is courage.

A tip for today: when the prospect of a situation creates an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach and your imposter voice says you can’t do it, use that discomfort as a signal to do it anyway. The only regret you will have is not doing it.

Change your avoidance response to courageous action responses. Do not wait for luck. Go create it.

I am applying this myself by sitting through the discomfort of promoting my next imposter mindset course. It is not natural to me to promote my course, but I am doing so in service to the fact I know how much a positive impact it has on course attendees’ lives. So on that note, my waitlist is filling up for the May cohort.

If you are interested in signing up, pop your name down on the list.

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