Struggle with Imposter Syndrome?

You Can Harness Self-Doubt Into Your Super-Strength, In Just 4 Weeks.

Learn the mindset strategies I've used to help Olympic athletes, and ambitious professionals, build career-changing success.

"Within the first week I already started to notice a big change in my own attitude"

Within the first week, I already started to notice a big change in my own attitude. The way I approached situations and became more self-aware of my thoughts and feelings, helped my confidence.

I've learnt a huge amount from Dean and from the course. Dean is a fantastic mindset coach and he has this ability to really challenge your way of thinking and bring out the best in people.

- Fudge
How many times have you thought:

  • “If I give my opinion in this meeting, they’ll find out I’m not smart enough”
  • “I wonder what people thought about my pitch today. Was it good enough?”
  • "When is someone going to realise that I’ve blagged my way into this job!”
  • “I really don’t agree with that behaviour. Don’t say anything though otherwise you’ll upset them”
  • “If I make a mistake, I’m going to get fired”
  • “There are so many people better than me. I’m going to get found out!”
  • “I’m not good enough to go for the senior role, I just need more experience and time”
  • "I need to do something to impress the team. Wait, no. Just be yourself”
  • “If I don’t get this perfect, they’ll think I’m lazy and incompetent”
  • “I deserve a pay rise. But they’re others that deserve it ahead of me. Wait until next year”

➡️ Sound familiar?

These thoughts are normal and expected. Yet, if not channelled and harnessed in the right way, can lead to:

  • Missed career opportunities, pay rises and promotions
  • Stress, overwhelm & burnout
  • Lacking growth as a professional
  • Perfectionism, overthinking and negative habit cycles
  • A life of untapped potential!

❌ When imposter syndrome grips you, it controls you.

It would be natural to perceive ‘imposter thoughts’ as negative, destructive and something that needs pushing aside. And of course, they will be destructive if not harnessed in a healthy way.

However, it’s our perception and habit of attempting to ‘push’ imposter thoughts aside that keep us from reaching our potential, burning out and missing career opportunities.

And having worked with 1000’s of people to help them overcome the struggle with imposter syndrome… trying to change your thoughts, ignoring feelings & thoughts and deploying positive thinking won’t work either.

In fact, most people get it wrong when trying to navigate the inner imposter voice that lives deep within us. A very few harness it into a strength.

On my course you can learn the proven methods I've used to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. Strategies you can easily learn. 

You have everything you need within you already to create a positive and permanent shift in your mindset, today.

By harnessing the power of your imposter voice...

you can become a compelling communicator and win over people by being your true authentic self.

Hi, I'm Dean Leak

Imposter syndrome held me back for many years. "I'm stupid, lucky, and I will get found out" was the story that played on repeat in my mind.

I would hold my opinions back, lack boundaries, avoid putting myself out there and dread public speaking. 

I felt like I was a prisoner in my own mind.

I realised I needed help. Taking the leap to seek help changed my life. I don't suffer with imposter syndrome now, I thrive with it, whilst being my true self. 

I've spent the last 15+ years helping Olympic elite athletes, managers, executives, people in career transitions, freelancers, influencers, creatives and many more, overcome imposter syndrome.

I'm sharing my experience, knowledge, and strategies to help others create freedom and confidence.
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The Imposter Advantage Course

Find out what's included in the advanced imposter course.

4 x Live interactive Imposter Courage Seminars

A weekly online live seminar that teaches you the psychology and science of exactly how to overcome the struggle with imposter syndrome. Every Monday. 

Proven methods, interactive classes and a toolbox of skills and resources that you can practically implement right away.

Daily Imposter Mindset Tips

DAILY content, coaching tips, lessons and mindset tools to overcome imposter syndrome. 

All delivered to you inside the purpose built private app.

A Purpose built app in your pocket

Downloadable, easy to use app that's available on laptop and mobile. 

Dedicated 'spaces' where you'll find the coaching tips, community conversation and recorded seminars and Q&A's.

Professional accreditation points

On completion of the course, you'll receive 12 CPD points from a professional body.

You can get reimbursed by your employer as many companies, large and small, will fund professional development. 

Here is a template letter you can use.

4 x Live Group Coaching Q&A

Join the online group Mindset Q&A's to ask questions, share challenges and find solutions. Every Thursday. 

Think of a virtual campfire chat. We discuss specific imposter syndrome case studies and tackle your questions and challenges.

8 x HD Video Tutorials

Watch in your own time my simple to follow, walk through videos, that explain my mindset coaching fundamentals, The PAC Method™. 

This will guide you step-by-step to discover your purpose in life, develop psychological awareness, and build habits that create courageous action. The method that has helped 1000's of people like you.

Wait, there is more! You'll also get...

🧐 Your Personal imposter syndrome analysis

Complete a self-report questionnaire and receive a personal report on how imposter syndrome could specifically be holding you back. A report bespoke to your personal needs.

🧠 Accountability Groups

An understated, yet hugely successful element of past courses. You'll be grouped with course buddies to support each other solve challenges and celebrate the wins.

📹 access to Expert masterclasses

Psychologists, sleep scientists, neuroscientists, Olympians, health experts, and many more. 

You get access to all my hugely valuable masterclasses, for free!

🔥 Bonus Mindset Debrief

Join the community again 2 weeks after the course completion to re-calibrate via a group call. It's always fun to reconnect and debrief what's happened since the course.

👥 to meet like-minded course buddies 

A safe, vulnerable and compassionate community of people, just like you. Join a cohort of people who are striving for the same results as you, at the same time. Support and learn from each other.

📖 Blueprint Resource Workbooks

You get workbooks and resources to read and complete in your own time. Designed to take theory into practice. Guided tasks to apply in specific situations throughout your day.

Who's the course for?
Anyone who wants to channel feeling like a fraud into strength & courage
It's open for males and females and anyone who has a genuine desire to make the most of their life and reach their potential.

Examples of previous course attendees have included 👇🏼

  • Lawyers & solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Finance Professionals
  • Managers and team leads
  • Performance artists
  • Small business owners
  • and many more
What's the course outcome?
Feel like a new person who feels confident, in charge and authentic
✅ You'll leave the course...

  • comfortable with risk and being courageous
  • calm, clear and confident in your own strengths and abilities
  • skilled to deal with difficult people and situations
  • a powerful and empathetic communicator

❌ You'll leave behind...
  • avoiding uncomfortable situations
  • believing you're not good enough
  • comparison with others and worrying what other people think
  • wasted time and energy with perfectionism and procrastination

Check out the course curriculum here.

Here is what past alumni have said

What you'll be learning and doing each week

Week 1: Understanding your unique imposter character

Dean will explore why you experience imposter syndrome and the events you experienced in your life that might explain your unique inner imposter voice. You will learn about the neuroscience behind imposter syndrome and how to make a distinction between 'your imposter' and 'you'.

Week 2: Step-by-step guide to discover and build 100% clarity on your values and strengths

Dean will help you create clarity on the person you want to be. You'll complete exercises to discover your authentic personal values, strengths and purpose in life. You'll create a clear vision of becoming your high-performing personal best.

Week 3: Develop psychological tools and strategies to manage self-doubt now and in the future

Dean will help you build a knowledge base for understanding how you can stop the struggle with your inner critic in moments that hold you back. You'll learn how different approaches can be used in different circumstances. You'll learn the biggest mistake people make when managing the inner voice and why it leads to more suffering. 

Week 4: The imposters' guide to highly impactful communication, influence, and courage

Dean will help you build a toolbox of mindset strategies, techniques and tips you can use in day to day when feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You will learn how to notice your imposter voice, how to harness it and use it in real life situations to take action on being your personal best.

You will choose situations to apply a 5-step mental routine which will help you go into any situation feeling calm, confident, and in control, so that you can deliver your personal best performance. 

You'll be supported to approach situations you've previously avoided by turning them into opportunities for success. The result will save you time, money, and energy.

Everything you need in one course

The Imposter Advantage Course

Everything you need

  • 4 x Live Seminars
  • 28 Imposter Tips delivered each day
  • Blueprint resource booklets you can complete and revisit
  • A purpose built app in your pocket
  • Professionally recognised coaching points
  • 4 x Live Group Coaching sessions
  • 8 x HD 'The PAC Method™' Video Tutorials
  • Your personalised imposter analysis
  • Access to my library of masterclasses
  • Meet like-minded camp buddies
  • Accountability groups
  • Bonus debrief coaching sessions
  • Alumni discount


599 199.00

The Personalised Imposter Course

Personal coaching from Dean

  • 4 x Live Seminars
  • 28 Imposter Tips delivered each day
  • Blueprint resource booklets you can complete and revisit
  • A purpose built app in your pocket
  • Professionally recognised coaching points
  • 4 x Live Group Coaching sessions
  • 8 x HD 'The PAC Method™' Video Tutorials
  • Your personalised imposter analysis
  • Access to my library of masterclasses
  • Meet like-minded camp buddies
  • Accountability groups
  • Bonus debrief coaching sessions
  • Alumni discount

  • 30 minute deep dive 1-2-1 call with Dean (valued £75) 
  • 2 x 60 minute Mindset Coaching 1-2-1 Calls with Dean (valued £299)
  • Access to Dean via WhatsApp for voice notes and messages for support throughout the course (valued £299)


1272 599.00

Your 15 day money back guarantee 

My guarantee is for you to finish this course with the tools to move from self-doubt to self-belief. I want you joining this course to be a no-brainer and 100% risk-free so you fully immerse yourself in the course. 

If you decide the course is not satisfactory, I will refund you the full amount with no questions asked. Just let us know within 15 days. 


I have a busy life, will I have time to complete the course?

You can complete the course in your own time (and you'll have lifetime access to the seminars if you cannot make them). Whilst it is recommended you join in the 4 x Live Seminars and 4 x Live Q&A's, I appreciate you have other commitments and may need to fit this around your busy life. That's why the course has been designed to complete as a cohort or in your own time. 

What if I can't make the live sessions?

That's no problem. Totally recognise that it might clash with other priorities. All sessions will be recorded and posted within the community platform immediately to watch back.

Can I access the course on my phone?

Yes, the course is available to watch, listen and view from your mobile phone and iOS app. It is very easy to use and simple to access.

What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up you will receive a payment receipt. You will receive a link on the 16 May 2022 inviting you into the community app so you can get onboarded before the course starts on 22 May 2022.

I feel nervous about the calls, do I have to participate?

It is a totally normal to feel nervous. You're not alone and other course members will be feeling the same. I have run 1000's of these calls and my style is to create a really safe space for you to feel comfortable. Active participation in the calls can also mean active listening.

I live outside the UK, can I sign up?

Yes, I have many international clients who participate from all over the world! My recent course included people from South African, Israel, USA, Italy and France. Come and get involved.