Free Webinar

Imposter Syndrome?

Don't worry, you can turn negative thoughts into your advantage.

Do you suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’? You’d be amazed how many people do. My experience as an Olympic mindset coach has enabled me to develop a simple programme with straightforward techniques that will turn self-doubt into career success. I'll teach you the principles in this free webinar. 
If you feel like...

  • you are a fraud and worry you're going to found out
  • you need things to be perfect and fear failure
  • you people please too much and can't find your authentic voice
  • you constantly comparing yourself to others and don't feel good enough are likely to be experiencing with imposter syndrome.

In this webinar I'll show you:

  • why imposter syndrome is a good thing and how you can use to your advantage
  • how you develop some mental skills to drop the struggle with it and how you can skilfully harness your imposter when that voice gets loud in your head
  • how you can spot it in others and help them to overcome the struggle with imposter syndrome